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Poster: superftmn Date: Aug 6, 2009 5:31pm
Forum: artsandmusicvideos Subject: Need Moar!

I've really enjoyed music I've found on, but I've run out of search terms and browsing by subject for a genre doesn't produce any tasty results.

I have enjoyed:
as well as:

Any suggestions?

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Poster: tubejay Date: Aug 8, 2009 12:20am
Forum: artsandmusicvideos Subject: Re: Need Moar!

it's too bad no one ever created a dewey decimal system for music, eh? i wish we could bring paul otlet back (fun fact, the dewey decimal system is copyrighted and libraries pay for the privilege of putting their books in that order,,.)

the problem with music on ia is that (as far as i can tell based on limited experience) there's no real engine for recommendations- other than a very wild forum that always looks empty? (maybe i'll change my mind when i've been here more.)

but if you made an engine it would just bury good stuff. by not creating one, people are forced to sift through tons of things they wouldn't and find things they like. actually, i've used the ratings system here, the download counts, tried to find some way to happen on stuff i like more often, but none of it seems to have that effect.

i know for a fact that good stuff is here. it may be wise for someone to create an engine external to ia as a guide. i think about stuff like that all the time- i even thought about it for youtube.